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AIV Microbiology & Food Safety Consultants delivers the goods when it comes to customer solutions. When you work with AIV, you benefit from Dr. Paul Hall's 35+ years of front-line industry experience and contributions to


Food Microbiology in Focus: An Expert Roundtable. Food Safety Magazine, 2007

An Expert Stakeholder Survey on the Microbiological Safety of the U.S. Food Supply. Food Safety Magazine, 2002

Selected Presentations

As a globally recognized thought leader, AIV President Dr. Paul Hall is a sought-after speaker and lecturer for international scientific and industry food safety and quality conferences, workshops and corporate meetings in the U.S. and abroad. The selected presentations list below showcases the breadth and depth of topics he covers, but be sure to check out our Calendar & Events page for upcoming opportunities to hear Dr. Hall's most recent presentations on today's most pressing food safety issues.


Food Safety Recalls: The Cost of Not Getting Ahead of the Curve
DFA of California's 100th Anniversary Gala Meeting, Monterey, CA

Recontamination Issues in the Food Processing Industry: What, Where, and How Important Are They?
International Association for Food Protection Latin American Symposium on Food Safety, Campinas, Brazil

Discussion Panel on Microbial and Chemical Contamination in the United States Food Supply: Is There a Crisis?
33rd Annual Winter Meeting of the Toxicology Forum, Washington, DC


The Changing Food Safety Landscape: Protecting Our Products and Consumers from Farm to Fork
China International Food Safety and Quality Conference and Expo, Beijing, China

Case Study of a Major Food Recall: Learning from the Past…Looking to the Future
European Networking Group's 2nd Annual Senior Executive Global Food Safety Summit, Prague, Czech Republic

Salmonella in Low Moisture Foods: Learning from the Past…Looking to the Future.
International Association for Food Protection 2007 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS) Technology for Testing Produce
NCFST Workshop on the Role of Testing in the Safety of Fresh Produce, Oak Lawn, IL

ConAgra's Approach to Food Safety: Learning from the Past... Looking to the Future
Food Marketing Institute's Food Protection Committee Meeting, Charlotte, NC

Invited Working Group Participant
Department of Homeland Security Detection and Diagnostics in Complex Matrices Conference, San Antonio, TX


Panel Moderator in Workshop on International Developments in Risk Management: Opportunities for Enhancing Food Safety and Driving Innovation
Food Safety World Conference and Expo, Washington DC

Leveraging Product and Process Knowledge to Design a Top-Line Microbial Testing Program
Food Safety World Conference and Expo, Washington DC

Food Safety Information Infrastructure Project Advisory Group Participant
Food Safety Research Consortium


Maximizing Food Safety ROI: GMPs/HACCP/Prerequisite Programs
Fi Europe Food Safety and Innovation Seminars, Paris, France

Control of Pathogens in the Food Industry: A Global Food Company's Perspective
7mo Congresso Internacional Inocuidad de Alimentos y XXI Reunion Nacional de Microbiologia, Higiene y Toxicologia de los Alimentos, Guadalajara, Mexico

Discussion Panel Participant on the Potential Advantages and Pitfalls in Using Public Health Derived Microbiological Criteria
Symposium on Relating Microbiological Testing and Microbiological Criteria to Public Health Goals (ICMSF, RAC, ILSI, IAFP, IFT)

Working Group Participant on Qualitative Microbiological Risk Assessment/Risk Profile/Risk Ranking
International Life Sciences Institute Workshop on Using Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Safety Management, Prague, Czech Republic

Case Studies on the Spoilage of Processed Foods and Beverages by Yeasts and Molds
International Association for Food Protection 2005 Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

The League of Extraordinary Experts: A Q&A Roundtable on Pathogen Detection and Control
Food Safety Summit, Washington, DC

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