Since each link in the global food supply chain has unique food safety and quality challenges, AIV Microbiology & Food Safety Consultants' solutions are custom-designed to meet your company's specific needs.

Expert Consulting

We believe that every food industry enterprise has a moral obligation to protect public health. That's why AIV Consultants offers comprehensive food safety and quality assurance consulting services for food producers, manufacturers, foodservice operators, retailers and distributors, as well as regulatory public health authorities, legal and insurance firms, research institutes and universities, and food safety services and technology development companies.

AIV Consultants' expertise in developing practical, effective food safety programs and systems covers a broad range of market sectors, including:

  • Ready-to-eat (RTE) and ready-to-cook (RTC) foods and entrees
  • Fresh and fresh-cut produce
  • Meat and poultry
  • Bakery, cereal and snack foods
  • Beverages
  • Dairy and dairy products
  • Low-acid, shelf-stable foods
  • Condiments and spices

Specialized Services

  • Crisis Management and Recall Assistance
  • Due Diligence Assessment
  • Regulatory Affairs Support
  • Environmental Monitoring Program Development
  • Research and Challenge Study Design
  • Laboratory Review and Audits

Litigation Support

AIV Consultants have experience in working with legal and insurance companies in litigation cases involving food and beverage companies. As subject matter experts, we provide litigation support through depositions, expert witness testimony, data and report interpretation, discovery work, and more.

  • Expert Witness Work
  • Depositions
  • Expert Review of Documents
  • Expert Reports

Food Safety & Quality Programs

For companies in the business of producing and distributing food, ensuring that safe food reaches consumers is priority one. Our technical know-how and extensive industry background can help you navigate the challenges of setting up effective food protection systems and create a roadmap that works for you. We offer gap analysis, evaluation and assessment of existing food safety and quality programs, training and documentation services, and more.

  • GMPs & SSOPs
  • Prerequisite Programs and Sanitation
  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Allergens and Chemical Contaminants
  • Food Microbiology

Food Safety Training

There's no substitute for educating staff and management about the latest food safety policies, protocols and practices. AIV offers hands-on training so managers can better coordinate these activities and employees can more effectively and consistently implement all aspects of your company's food safety program.

Product Safety and Stability Assessment

Once R&D has formulated an innovative new product or a twist to an existing item, how can you assure its safety and stability as it moves through production? AIV's comprehensive assessments of the processing, packaging and storage provides your company peace of mind.

Spoilage Investigations

Product spoilage can have a serious impact on a food company's bottom line through lost efficiencies and potential food safety risk. AIV helps companies gain insight into the reasons for spoilage issues through a comprehensive investigative process that shows you how to prevent and reduce losses by spoilage successfully.

Food Safety Audits

AIV offers customized, objective third-party food safety auditing services that help assure product safety and quality. We'll assist you in evaluating how well your in-plant systems are working to ensure food safety, whether food safety practices meet established customer, in-house and government requirements and specifications, and if there are gaps in your food safety systems that need to be addressed. Your AIV auditor will work with you to set up a program for continuous improvement of audited systems, such as:

  • HACCP and GMPs
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Microbiological and Analytical Testing
  • Allergens
  • Process Controls
  • ackaging
  • Storage and Transportation

HACCP and Prerequisite Program Development and Reviews

HACCP should both enhance food safety and provide an economic benefit to companies that embrace this system. AIV will help your company to develop an effective program or dust off the HACCP manual, designing a plan that not only creates consistent food safety practices but assists your company in gaining critical production efficiencies by removing unneccessary CCPs and streamlining the entire process.

Statistically-based Sampling Plan Design

What, where and how a company carries out its microbiological sampling is critical to achieving food and ingredient safety and improving overall product quality. Sampling plans need to consider both the chance that a lot will be accepted that exceeds the acceptable level for safety (the consumer's risk) and the possibility that an acceptable lot will be rejected by the sampling plan (the producer's risk). AIV designs effective statistically-based routine and investigational sampling plans that help clients define the locations and frequency of sampling and identify best-practice methods of sampling and sample handling for their operations.

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